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University computers will be upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 on Friday, April 22

Information Technology Services will begin deploying Internet Explorer 11 to all University computers at the close of business on Friday, April 22 as part of an effort to provide all customers with the latest version of IE and security fixes. Please leave all machines ON when you leave for the day to get this update overnight.

This update will also standardize the IE browser experience for all users and help to streamline support and compatibility. An upgrade of all Citrix (MasterApps) IE applications to IE11 is planned for Sunday, April 24.

Browser settings such as bookmarks and favorites will NOT be lost. MAP users may experience certain pop-ups when accessing IE for the first time after the upgrade. (See instructions below.)

The “IE for MAP” icon also will be removed at this time, and users assigned to that group will instead get “MyAccess.” 

If you notice any issues with the upgrade or with Citrix IE 11 applications after April 24, please report them to the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444 or

After upgrading to IE11, you may see this pop-up when attempting to open MAP forms. Click the checkbox and select “Later,” and you will not see the pop-up again.

 javascript window

The below pop up will appear twice in succession, every time MAP Forms are opened. Click the checkbox and then click the Run button.

 security warning