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ITS offering training and support for new SEI tool available March 28

Instructors will be able to administer Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) surveys during class time or deliver them by email at designated times with just a few easy steps using the new SEI tool.

There are three convenient ways to access SEI: Visit, log in to eCampus, or click on a hyperlink in an email you will receive from

Here are the key dates:

  • March 28 – First day the new SEI will be available
  • April 17 – Question personalization must be completed.
  • April 18 – The default date for evaluations to begin
  • May 6 – The default day evaluations will close
  • May 11 – Reports will be available by noon.

There are two steps for administering the evaluations:

Step 1: Choose HOW and WHEN you want students to take the evaluation. These options will be available to instructors from March 28 – May 6.

  • In-class –either scheduled or manual
    • Manual Distribution is recommended if you will set aside class time and are comfortable starting and stopping the SEI live. NOTE: Students will not receive an email when the survey opens.
  • On their own – using the default timeline (surveys available to students from April 18 – May 6) or during times you select
    • Scheduled Distribution will release surveys on April 18 by default, but you can adjust the start date and time.For example, you can schedule your SEI to end prior to your final exam.

Step 2: Choose as many as six personalized questions.

  • Choose up to three from the question database
  • Create as many as three of your own questions
Unless required by your college, or department instructors also may opt out of conducting an SEI.

The Training team in Information Technology Services is here to help faculty make a simple and successful transition for all courses that end after March 27. To find a convenient date and time for in-person and webinar training opportunities, please take a look at the training schedule. Departments or colleges that would like an onsite training may also contact to schedule an additional session.

If you prefer to discover the new SEI on your own, visit the SEI training page to get started. Please keep in mind this page is dynamic; new content is being added often.

Please direct any questions to