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Don’t just exit a WVU app; log off device to ensure complete logout of all apps

To ensure that faculty, staff and student Login credentials are protected and access to WVU data is appropriate, Information Technology Services reminds all users to log off their smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops instead of just exiting an application when finished with it.

WVU’s transition to a “single sign-on” system for identity authentication means that faculty, staff and students now only need to enter their Login credentials one time to access multiple applications. However, single sign-on does NOT mean single sign-off.

Some applications will store credentials, meaning a user can log in again without providing a username and password a second time. And when a user clicks “remember my password,” the browser will do so. This can be a source of concern for users who share devices.

While a user may think he or she has logged out of a particular application, the user’s identity may still be established and available for other applications to use. Computer systems have no way to determine a user’s intent: While someone may have intended to log out of the WVU Portal, for example, the systems cannot know whether he also intended to log out of eCampus.

To ensure you have completely signed out of all applications please log off of the device. To learn more, you can read this article in the Knowledge Base at 

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