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WVU Medicine usernames to be integrated with University systems this year

Employees of WVU Medicine and its network of hospitals will have a single username and password to access both WVU and WVU Medicine systems as part of an integration project beginning this month and continuing in phases.

This collaboration between WVU Medicine and Information Technology Services addresses a long-standing challenge for people who have identity roles within both WVU and WVU Medicine, as they will no longer need dual accounts.

Although some usernames and email addresses must change during this process to sync credentials across systems, faculty, staff and students will benefit from complete integration across WVU and WVU Medicine systems. If your username or email address changes as part of this transition, you will receive advanced notice and instructions from ITS.

ITS has begun the integration with the University’s Identity and Access Management system, starting with information technology staff who will test the changes. WVU Medicine will then determine the order of the rollout to health care providers and all 20,000 affected users.

Stay tuned for more announcements from ITS and WVU Medicine in the months ahead. Direct questions and concerns to