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Faculty: Transition to new student survey tool begins after spring break

Faculty will begin using WVU’s new electronic student evaluation of instruction tool for all courses that end after March 27, after spring break. Faculty volunteers piloted the tool during fall 2015. The Faculty Senate and its Teaching and Assessment Committee reviewed feedback from early users and are confident the tool meets the needs of the instructors, the students and the University.

After spring break, the new SEI tool, a product called Blue by eXplorance, will be integrated with eCampus and available for campus-wide use. Training sessions are scheduled in various locations on the downtown and Evansdale campuses for Feb. 22, 24, 26 and 29, and for March 8, 16 and 31, and are being scheduled on the regional campuses. Register on the Information Technology Services training calendar.

The Faculty Senate approved new questions for the survey that were used during the fall pilot. While the new survey does contain more questions, some of the student background questions have been eliminated because class information will be linked from STAR.

Faculty will continue to have the option of writing three unique questions related to their course objectives and selecting three questions related to their class structure. Please direct questions or concerns regarding the questions to Teaching and Assessment Committee Chair Heather Billings or Chair-elect Evan Widders, or to Faculty Senate Chair Richard Turton or Chair-Elect Lena Maynor. Courses that end before spring break can continue to use paper Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) forms or the electronic version, eSEI.

The current SEI/eSEI tool will not be available for use at the end of the spring semester. Previous reports from SEI/eSEI, however, will remain available online for retrieval for an indefinite period. Instructors who want to save previous reports or store them in Digital Measures are encouraged to do so this spring. The SEI/eSEI system eventually will be decommissioned, but no date has been set.

ITS will provide support for faculty and student use of the new SEI tool, including training sessions and troubleshooting. Please submit a trouble ticket at or direct technical questions to