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New Internet service contracts increase bandwidth, reduce service interruptions

Information Technology Services has signed contracts with two new Internet providers in a deal that creates dual Internet connections and should help reduce interruptions in service. ITS also has increased WVU’s bandwidth capacity from 3.75 Gigabits per second (Gbps) this past summer to 5 Gbps.

As WVU becomes increasingly reliant on cloud services, the contracts with Comcast and Frontier give WVU additional bandwidth and critical redundancy, or protective backup service, in the event of a network failure. Each provider will connect to WVU’s network in a different building to add geographic redundancy, meaning if one location has trouble, another should be available. This redundancy will also give ITS the ability to do maintenance on one connection without loss of Internet service.

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Don’t just exit a WVU app; log off device to ensure complete logout of all apps

To ensure that faculty, staff and student Login credentials are protected and access to WVU data is appropriate, Information Technology Services reminds all users to log off their smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops instead of just exiting an application when finished with it.

WVU’s transition to a “single sign-on” system for identity authentication means that faculty, staff and students now only need to enter their Login credentials one time to access multiple applications. However, single sign-on does NOT mean single sign-off.

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WVU Medicine usernames to be integrated with University systems this year

Employees of WVU Medicine and its network of hospitals will have a single username and password to access both WVU and WVU Medicine systems as part of an integration project beginning this month and continuing in phases.

This collaboration between WVU Medicine and Information Technology Services addresses a long-standing challenge for people who have identity roles within both WVU and WVU Medicine, as they will no longer need dual accounts.

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Tax form emails from Xerox TCRS are legitimate partnership with WVU Tax Services

WVU students should be aware that emails sent from the address are legitimate attempts to deliver 1098T Tuition Statement forms for the 2015 tax year. These emails are NOT phishing attempts and are safe for responding.

Xerox TCRS (Tax Credit Reporting Service) is a third-party vendor that produces forms for WVU Tax Services. Students registered during 2015 will receive forms in the mail unless they have consented to receiving them online. Students who have given that consent are now receiving these emails. The Form 1098-T is issued to any student who is either a U.S. citizen or an international student with a valid Social Security number in WVU systems.

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Faculty: Transition to new student survey tool begins after spring break

Faculty will begin using WVU’s new electronic student evaluation of instruction tool for all courses that end after March 27, after spring break. Faculty volunteers piloted the tool during fall 2015. The Faculty Senate and its Teaching and Assessment Committee reviewed feedback from early users and are confident the tool meets the needs of the instructors, the students and the University.

After spring break, the new SEI tool, a product called Blue by eXplorance, will be integrated with eCampus and available for campus-wide use. Training sessions are scheduled in various locations on the downtown and Evansdale campuses for Feb. 22, 24, 26 and 29, and for March 8, 16 and 31, and are being scheduled on the regional campuses. Register on the Information Technology Services training calendar.

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Instructors will get results of test scans through encrypted email

Faculty will no longer need to visit a website to get test scanning results. Information Technology Services is now providing, via encrypted email, both a PDF with the results and an Excel spreadsheet for uploading. Encryption ensures the protection of confidential student information.

The ITS Training team has created and posted instructional videos and other details on test scanning at

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