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Fake emails circulating now are aimed at stealing WVU credentials

Emails claiming to be from the “ITS Help Desk” and warning that “email access will be denied” are fake and are aimed at stealing your credentials. Please do not respond to these emails. Just delete them.

As with most phishing scams, there are clues that the email is a fake: Hover over the sender and it shows it is not a WVU address; in this case, it comes from There are also grammatical errors.

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Faculty: Submit final grades in seconds with eCampus GradeSync tool

Faculty no longer need to hand-key grades into STAR, thanks to a new eCampus feature called GradeSync. This tool was tested by faculty members over the summer and again this fall for mid-terms. Instructors are now encouraged to use the tool for final grading in December.

GradeSync lets you transmit grades to STAR with a few simple clicks, using your own grade book and grading methods. You retain the flexibility to override a grade in the grade book if you grade on a curve, a student is at a borderline grade, etc.

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KC Blue Sheet working well after months of small-scale use; EBS being retired

After months of successful use, Information Technology Services and the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) are ready for a wider rollout of KC Blue Sheet to the WVU research community. Online and in-person training with this new module of WVU+kc (Kuali Coeus) will be offered before the eventual retirement of the Electronic Blue Sheet (EBS) on Jan. 15, 2016.

WVU is part of a growing community of higher education institutions already using Kuali Coeus for proposal submissions, including MIT, University of Maryland-Baltimore, University of Boston and Indiana University. Over the past five months, several WVU colleges and departments that submit a high volume of proposals began using WVU+kc, and their feedback has been positive.

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Normal weekend STAR & eCampus maintenance extended to 6 p.m. Sunday

STAR, all STAR-related academic systems and eCampus will be unavailable on Sunday, Dec. 6 from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. while Information Technology Services applies critical security patches and updates. 

This work helps support the launch of the WVU Portal, a new mobile-friendly application that will give students a single gateway to a variety of critical services and applications, from logging into eCampus, Gmail and STAR to checking the status of the PRT. Faculty will have a version with slightly different content. The app is set to go live Monday, Dec. 7.

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