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COMING SOON: Schedule Builder is the fastest, easiest way to build the class schedule you want

Students will soon be able to use a new tool called Schedule Builder to create customized class schedules faster and easier, with less guesswork and risk of making a mistake. The tool also improves your chances of getting a full schedule and graduating on time.

Schedule Builder, which will be available this fall, lets you pick the classes you want to take in the coming semester and enter “breaks” when other obligations prevent you from taking classes. Schedule Builder then automatically generates every possible combination of classes and shows schedules in a grid view with the times, locations and instructors.

As you lock down your most important classes, Schedule Builder automatically adjusts, generating new schedules until you settle on the combination that best matches your preferences. Then just add the schedule to your Shopping Cart and complete the registration process in STAR.

This new tool will also help improve the quality of student-advisor meetings because you can plan your schedule earlier and review it with your advisors before completing registration. Should you need to adjust your schedule, you can simply go back into Schedule Builder, make any changes, and generate new schedules.

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