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Faculty: Submit grades in seconds with new GradeSync tool in eCampus

Faculty no longer need to hand-key grades into STAR, thanks to a new eCampus feature called GradeSync. Instructors are invited to join an ongoing pilot of the tool for fall mid-term grading.

GradeSync lets instructors transmit grades to STAR with a few simple clicks, using your own grade book and grading methods. You retain the flexibility to override a grade in the grade book if you grade on a curve, a student is at a borderline grade, etc.

Faculty feedback is important and valuable as we test this new tool, and you may receive a request for feedback about your experience. Your responses will help ensure a successful rollout of GradeSync campuswide.

Easy-to-follow instructions and an FAQ are available at Click on eCampus GradeSync. Please direct questions to