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Traveling students, employees can use eduroam for Wi-Fi at partner schools

WVU faculty, staff and students can instantly connect to the Wi-Fi networks when visiting some 360 universities worldwide through eduroam, a secure roaming access service.

With hundreds of thousands of wireless access points, eduroam acts as one large, worldwide, wireless hotspot. Users can travel to and from academic institutions and connect with minimal difficulty, without having to request access individually. This benefits visiting researchers, employees traveling for conferences and collaborative work, study-abroad students, visitors attending NCAA activities, and even regional academic exchange.

WVU students, faculty and staff can search for active networks at any participating school, select “eduroam” and enter their WVU email address. Students must use their MyID/Login user name followed by MIX addresses do not work in eduroam.

Visitors to the Morgantown, WVU Tech and Potomac State campuses can enter their credentials from their home institutions and likewise have immediate access to WVU networks. The service is available in all WVU buildings except residence halls.

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