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Students: Beware work-from-home, tutoring and other email scams

Scam artists are seizing on the start of a new school year by targeting WVU students with unsolicited emails offering ways to make money quickly. Students should be wary of any emails promising opportunities to work from home, to provide nanny or tutoring services, or to buy “enhanced” wireless Internet service the University

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Do not click on any links or reply to the emails. Just forward suspicious emails as attachments to for review. Legitimate job offers are posted on MountaineerTrak.

Beware offers that:

  • Invite you to cash a check, keep part of the proceeds and then transfer money or send a check from your own accounts. This could give thieves access to your banking information and might put you into a legal situation.
  • Send you a product or commodity such as watches or phones and ask you to distribute these items to others. This also might put you into a legal situation, especially if the product or commodity was stolen.
  • Encourage you to cash a check in advance for work not yet completed. Eventually, the scammer will ask you to return the money from your own account, which could lead to the scammer getting access to your banking information.
  • Try to sell you “enhanced” wireless Internet service at WVU. Information Technology Services provides the same level of service to everyone; you cannot pay for a premium service.

Scammers often give clues that they are not legitimate, so watch for bad grammar, misspelled words, email addresses and sender names that don’t match and links embedded in the body of the message.

For more information about protecting yourself, visit