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WVU employees should NOT download Windows 10 on work machines

Although Windows 10 is now commercially available, WVU faculty, staff and students should NOT download the operating system onto University-owned machines until further notice.

Windows 10 is NOT supported by our virus protection product, Kaspersky Antivirus. Browser changes in Windows 10 also could contribute to compatibility problems with various WVU applications, such as MyAccess, eCampus and other critical tools.

The personal-use version of Kaspersky (available here) is compatible with Windows 10 for home use only . Users who download the new operating system on personal machines should be aware that they may encounter compatibility issues with WVU applications.

ITS has not tested all WVU applications for compatibility with the new Windows 10 browser. Please check the browser compatibility page for further information; it will be updated as applications are tested. If compatible with your application, you can downloadChrome and Firefox.