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New look and feel coming to MyID this summer with security upgrades

WVU students and employees will notice some differences in the look and feel of the MyID service sometime this summer as Information Technology Services changes the underlying software to improve security.

Users will NOT have to claim new accounts or reset passwords until they receive their typical expiration notices. When it is time to choose a new password, users will no longer have to answer a series of questions aimed at determining whether they are human or machine. Instead, users will simply check the box confirming “I’m not a robot.”

This change will affect MyID users on all WVU campuses, including Potomac State, WVU Tech and the Health Sciences Center. The WVUHospitals system will not be immediately affected.

New look and feel

New users of the MyID system will be assigned a new username format incorporating a unique numerical identifier. Typically, usernames will be the initials of the user’s first, middle and last name, with a four-digit suffix. John Paul Smith, for example, could become JPS1001, and Samantha Braden could be SB0020.

Email addresses will also be changing for new users only. In most cases, the email address will be the user’s preferred first name and last name, such as However, sequential numbers will be added for people who share the same name, so users with common names could have addresses such as or

Existing users will continue to use currently assigned email addresses. In the future, existing users will get the option to switch to the first.last@domain naming convention. Users who subscribe to external listservs should consider that an optional address change could affect the ability to post messages to that listserv until the administrator is notified.

Students will continue to have addresses.