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More MAP data will be available through Data Miner

Over the summer, Discoverer, one of several tools used by central business units and EBOs (business offices) for retrieving financial and human resource reports out of MAP, will be discontinued by the vendor. To prepare, ITS has identified all active Discoverer reports and will make that data available through a different tool, using Data Miner whenever possible.

As an initial cleanup effort, Discoverer reports that duplicate other existing reports will be removed beginning Feb 1. Examples of these duplicate reports include those that were previously available through Data Haven, which were moved to Data Miner in summer 2013.

The chart below shows Discoverer reports that are already available in Data Miner along with the Data Miner dashboard that should be used to retrieve the information. This chart will be updated as we verify that data in other Discoverer reports is available through existing Data Miner dashboards and/or develop new Data Miner dashboards.

If you need access to Data Miner or would like a “refresher” training, please visit

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