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More MAP data will be available through Data Miner

Over the summer, Discoverer, one of several tools used by central business units and EBOs (business offices) for retrieving financial and human resource reports out of MAP, will be discontinued by the vendor. To prepare, ITS has identified all active Discoverer reports and will make that data available through a different tool, using Data Miner whenever possible.

As an initial cleanup effort, Discoverer reports that duplicate other existing reports will be removed beginning Feb 1. Examples of these duplicate reports include those that were previously available through Data Haven, which were moved to Data Miner in summer 2013.

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FBI: Payroll scam aimed at stealing employee paychecks at U.S. universities

The FBI says an ongoing email scam using official-looking email is aimed at stealing university employees’ paychecks by fraudulently informing recipients that their status has changed with Human Resources. Employees who respond to the emails or provide any personal or banking information risk having their funds diverted from their direct-deposit accounts, and the stolen money may not be recoverable.

WVU Human Resources will NEVER request employees’ personal information, including passwords and Social Security numbers, by email.

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Students: 'Work from home' scam aimed at enlisting you in criminal activity

Unsolicited emails inviting college students to “work from home” are actually an attempt to steal money, and the FBI says that participating could result in both criminal charges and lasting damage to students’ finances and credit record.

If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. WVU students who receive suspicious emails should immediately forward them as an attachment to Information Security Services at

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ITS hosting reception for Kathy Ramsey, 38-year employee retiring Jan. 30

Application administrator Kathy Ramsey will retire Friday, Jan. 30 after 38 years with WVU, and Information Technology Services is hosting a reception at One Waterfront Place for all friends and colleagues. The event is set for 1:30-3:30 p.m. in room 5115.

Since technology at the University was in its infancy, Kathy has been a part of advancing it. She helped automate many manual business processes, making operations run more efficiently. Among other things, she was instrumental in developing the first interface betweenWVU’s Accounts Payable department and the state of West Virginia’s system. She also received a commendation from a former WVUpresident for the original implementation of Oracle applications.

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WVU students, employees should be sure antivirus protection is up to date

With the number of cyber threats constantly growing, Information Technology Services is urging WVU students and employees to ensure their personal devices are protected from viruses, malware and other kinds of cyber attacks. Visit to install Kaspersky Antivirus on up to three personal devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Although WVU has not yet been a victim, Information Security Services is seeing an increase in malicious attempts elsewhere to overload and crash computer networks, known as a Distributed Denial of Service attack. Typically, these attacks are aimed at disrupting an organization’s operations rather than trying to obtain data.

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