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Retirees will have access to WVU email accounts starting January 2015

All WVU retirees who want to maintain a University email account and stay connected to the institution and their colleagues will be able to do so starting Jan. 5, 2015.

Information Technology Services and Human Resources have collaborated to create accounts and meet the needs of some of the approximately 3,300 existing retirees and the 200 employees who retire each year.

Postcards with instructions on how to claim a retiree email account will be mailed out Jan. 5 and will also be posted on

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) also will be posted under retiree email at, and both websites will be updated as more information is available. This service is available to any retiree, regardless of whether they were faculty or staff.

In addition to email, new MyID accounts will give all retirees continued access to wi-fi resources. Some retirees may be unfamiliar with the MyID system; it is WVU’s identity management system and ensures that each person has a unique set of identifying credentials to gain access to certain University systems. 
About 600 Emeritus retirees will continue to have the same level of access to University systems as they had when they were employees. That includes the ability to use eCampus and to access research tools.
Retirees will continue to receive email notices when their MyID passwords are about to expire so they can renew their credentials and maintain access to the email accounts.

Accounts that go unused will be deactivated after six months of inactivity, and any email associated with the account will be removed. Retiree accounts that are deactivated can only be reinstated upon request through the ITS Service Desk

Email accounts of non-Emeritus retirees from the Health Sciences Center will be emptied of all content, excluding address book contacts, to address potential risks relating to HIPAA and other regulations, along with the need to protect confidential, institutionally owned information.

Email accounts for HSC Emeritus faculty will continue to be handled as they have in the past, with the full mailbox remaining intact.

Retirees will not have to install any software on their computers to use this email. It is web-based and will be accessible through

Any WVU retiree who does not want a University email account can decline this new service, and ITS will deactivate the account. Simply send an email to or call (304) 293-4444.