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Buyers, beware! ITS urges students, employees to shop securely and wisely

As the holiday shopping season gears up, so are the scammers who want to steal your personal and financial information. Information Security Services reminds all students and employees that you should NEVER use your WVU credentials for personal online shopping or give up your password to anyone who asks for it.

Shoppers also should be vigilant about suspicious email, including those claiming to come from vendors or shipping companies. Phishing attempts aimed at stealing your username and password are often disguised as fake invoices or tracking notices.

Other clues that might indicate a phishing scam include: threats for failure to act; a suspicious-looking email address for the sender; pleas for money; and misspellings and poor grammar. You can see examples of additional clues here:

Remember, the best defense against identity theft is an educated consumer.

For a full list of tips for safe cyber shopping, click here:

WVU Information Technology Services personnel will NEVER send you an unsolicited email asking for your MyID username and password or other personally identifiable information. The only time you may be asked for that information is after you’ve contacted the Service Desk for help.

When in doubt, forward questionable email to

You can also check out an infographic about Cyber Security here: