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Software purchases under $5,000 will be pre-approved faster with new policy

Purchases of software, hardware or consulting services valued at less than $5,000 no longer require review by Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services (PCPS) or prior approval by PCard Administration.

Earlier this fall, Information Technology Services introduced an online pre-approval tool for IT purchases. This tool now also determines whether a PCPS review is needed and generates a notification if one is required. A staff member will then contact the customer about any necessary forms or legal review. Purchasers no longer need to contact PCPS separately to request that Terms and Conditions be reviewed.

PCPS and Information Technology Services have worked together on this change as part of an ongoing effort to provide faster, more efficient service. To submit pre-approval requests, click

IT approval does NOT replace funding or budget approvals that occur within the unit or the Expert Business Office (EBO). The form generates an email listing approved purchases that the requester should submit with a purchase request or PCard documentation to theEBO.

The ITS Purchasing Tool is also available on the ITS website at and on the PCPS site at

To further streamline IT purchasing, customers can now notify PCPS of purchases that will exceed $5,000 using the same tool. That eliminates a second step for employees. A PCPS staff member will contact the customer to advise whether any additional forms or legal review is required.

The new system also gives IT managers the ability to track what’s being purchased, including through PCards, and spot trends and money-saving opportunities.

Purchases made from the ITS Software Licensing site ( as well as desktops, laptops, and peripherals purchased from previously negotiated contracts, such as Dell, Apple, and CDWG, do not require approval through the new form.

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