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Transition to wvOASIS begins in July; little immediate impact on most employees

West Virginia University will begin to phase in a new statewide administrative financial system for payment processing, payroll and other business-office functions beginning the first week of July. Most employees are expected to see little change and are unlikely to experience any impact during this initial phase.

OASIS stands for Our Advanced Solution with Integrated Systems, and its adoption is mandated by the state of West Virginia under Senate Bill 322. This comprehensive initiative aims to streamline and add transparency to the administrative functions of state government such as financial management, procurement, payroll and benefits.

wvOASIS will replace hundreds of specific applications used by various state agencies, many of which are technologically obsolete. However, it will not replace MAP or STAR. Users of those systems should continue using them unless they receive specific information about individual business-process changes.

WVU will have additional announcements this fall. For more information about wvOASIS until then, visit