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Instructors should alert students when evaluation surveys are available

Some automatic notification emails sent through eSEI, the Electronic Student Evaluation of Instruction tool, are not reaching students as intended. Information Technology advises faculty members to manually email students when evaluation surveys are available.

Below is a sample email:

This is a reminder that student evaluation of instruction survey 
for section(s): XXX123 sect XXX will be open on XX/XX/14 12:00 AM.

Instructor: First Last Name

You may complete the survey by logging into your account with your 
MyID credentials at

After entering their credentials, students will be redirected to eSEI.

Students may also log in through eCampus, where a link will appear in the left hand column. (See screen shot below.)

ecampus 2

There is also a third option to access surveys: Go to the gray carousel bar in the middle of the page at Click the arrow to either side if you don’t immediately see eSei, then click on the logo when you do.