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Change in ID verification practices may help speed up response from IT Service Desk

Starting Monday, March 3, many callers seeking help from the Information Technology Service Desk will no longer need to provide their WVU identification number.

Service Management Director Randy Stalnaker says only requests that involve account access, require funding or must be transferred to another unit for further assistance will require verification of the caller’s identity.

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Office 365 email will begin blocking potentially dangerous files Monday

In the latest effort to protect University networks and data from increasingly sophisticated attacks, Office 365 email filtering will be modified to begin blocking potentially dangerous files on Monday, March 3.

Information Technology is activating filters that will block certain kinds of files that are often used to launch malware attacks. (Learn more here:

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VIRUS UPDATE: Current CryptoLocker Infection Contained, but Threat Lingers

Information Technology has identified the source of the latest CryptoLocker Virus infection, and quarantined and sanitized the affected computers. However, the threat continues, and all University users should remain vigilant.

CrytpoLocker can encrypt thousands of files, then infect shared network drives. Its creators demand ransom payments for decryption keys. In some cases, victims have been forced to pay thousands of dollars to recover their data. In others, files were lost forever. The thieves are believed to have made tens of millions of dollars from this scam.

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WVU Virus Alert

If you see the following message on your computer or any other WVU computer, IMMEDIATELY:

Do NOT turn the computer back on.

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CryptoLocker Attacks Seize, Encrypt Computer Data; Victims Asked to Pay Ransom

Two West Virginia University departments in three weeks have fallen victim to an ongoing “ransomware” attack called CryptoLocker that seizes control of computers, holding the data hostage and demanding the user pay a ransom to regain access.

Mark Six, executive director of Information Technology, said Wednesday the operations of both departments were significantly disrupted for several days. Some data had to be recreated from a backup, and some work was permanently lost.

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Information Technology Welcomes New Director of Project Management

Deborah Sartin is joining WVU Information Technology on Feb. 28 as Director of Project Management. She will coordinate IT projects from start to finish, ensuring they are completed on time, on budget and to the customers’ satisfaction.

Deborah has worked for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in Rockville, Md., as director of the Office of Business Excellence. She also worked as senior technical project manager at the University of New Mexico for five years. Her experience also includes stints with PR Newswire, T-Mobile USA, Mead Corp. and the Federal Communications Commission.

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Six Weeks After Upgrade, Use of eCampus Has Jumped 50 Percent

Less than two months after its launch, the new version of eCampus appears to be a hit with students and faculty.

The upgrade went live Dec. 27, and as of Feb. 3, the number of concurrent users had jumped from 8,300 in the fall semester to more than 12,000 for spring. More than 3,000 course sections are now in the system, and Blackboard Wimba was replaced by Blackboard Collaborate with few complaints.

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Defend your data: IT Offering Free Cyber-Security Awareness Training

*West Virginia University has more than 8,400 employees _ and 8,400 potential targets for hackers, phishing scams and identity thieves. The Office of Information Technology can help reduce the risk of becoming a statistic.

Throughout the spring semester, security awareness manager Bob Meyers will be leading free classes in Cyber-Security Best Practices. The first is Friday, Feb. 14 from 11 a.m. to noon at computer lab G14 in the Evansdale Library.

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OIT Offering Spring Training Workshops & Webinars

Spring training is about sharpening skills, and the Office of information Technology is here to help.

Workshops and webinars throughout the spring semester will tackle everything from how to keep personal information safe in the cyber world to how to use the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Excel and Word.

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OIT Welcomes New Director of Service Management

William “Randy” Stalnaker is joining the Office of Information Technology on Feb. 10 as Director of IT Service Management. Randy will help guide the strategic direction of user support, ensuring that OIT is not only meeting the campus community’s needs but also providing the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Randy has worked as the IT director for Tetra Tech Inc. and July Products in Pittsburgh, Pa. He has also worked for Avaya, Armco Steel and Zurich Insurance Group.

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