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Network World Calls WVU White Space Transformation 'Wireless Bonanza'

This is what Network World magazine has to say about WVU’s newly expanded WiFi network: Better than TV! White spaces bring wireless bonanza to West Virginia.

Senior Editor John Cox describes how quickly and easily a student at a PRT station can connect her tablet to the Internet using a system that has converted unused television frequencies, or “white spaces,” into broadband service.

“Like the efficient 30-year-old PRT system,” Cox writes, “WVU’s 7-month-old white spaces network links three main campus locations, ranging from a mile to a mile and a half from each other over the hills and dales of Morgantown.”

WVU Chief Information Officer John Campbell tells Cox the next step is to expand the network using Adaptrum radios, Cisco access points, cabling and power to the 70 PRT cars themselves.

“Users will be able to take a seat for the ride’s duration and stay connected the whole way,” Cox writes. “The university is also talking with Morgantown city officials about white space use for police and fire departments, and other city agencies eventually.”

Network World also created a slideshow to illustrate how the system works in detail.

Read the full article here.