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Don't Get Hooked! New Phishing Attack Under Way

A new phishing attack originating in the Philippines is under way, but it may be difficult to detect on mobile devices. Several WVU users have already been hooked.

Do NOT click on a link asking you to verify your account login. This is not from the WVU service desk. The link goes to a hacked cooking site. Although that site is now disabled, the Office of Information Technology expects the phished accounts to start spamming.

You can see the bogus email here:

Users reading WVU email on smartphones may not notice that the sender is NOT from WVU and mistakenly believe this email is legitimate. Promptly delete it.

Official WVU personnel will NEVER request your username and password combination in an email or by phone.

Any email you receive that demands you provide your username and password is a scam and should be reported to