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180 Day Password Expiration Coming Before End of Spring Semester

March 19th, 2013

The Office of Information Technology will soon allow users to extend their MyID password expiration from 90 to 180 days, starting the week of 2013 Spring Break, March 25 – 29.

Changing your password during or just after Spring Break will allow users to stay active through the summer and well into the Fall semester.

Users who wish to extend their password expiration to 180 days will need to complete a short yearly security quiz on topics relevant to protecting personal information and data. Upon successfully answering at least four of the five questions, the password expiration will be set to 180 days. The quiz may be taken as many times as needed to pass, or individuals can opt out. If a user opts out, the password expiration remains set to 90 days.

Those who must meet HIPAA compliance are not eligible for the 180-day password expiration and they will not receive the prompts to complete the security quiz. Password expiration for these individuals will remain 90 days.

An annual Security Responsibility Statement will also be required of all users. Individuals accessing a MyID account will need to accept the responsibility statement. Acceptance of the statement affirms the user understands the need to protect their WVU credentials and any data for which they are responsible. Please note that by selecting Cancel, a user will exit the MyID account activation or password change process and all accounts will be disabled.

For additional information, please go to or contact the OIT Service Desk at 304-293-4444 or