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Reminder: Most WVU Login passwords will be expiring on or around July 1

While WVU Login passwords are now good for one year, faculty, staff and students should expect passwords created last summer to begin expiring on or around July 1. To ensure continued access, follow the email instructions you will receive and take a five-question cybersecurity quiz to create a new password good for another year.

Remember, if you are using a WVU-owned computer to work remotely, please follow these instructions. This process requires extra steps when you are not on the campus network, and failure to complete it correctly may create problems with your account and your device. For help, contact the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444.

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Be prepared: Portal and most WVU applications will be offline from 8 p.m. May 22 to noon May 24

Portal, MAP, eCampus, STAR and most other WVU services will be unavailable from 8 p.m. Friday, May 22 through noon on Sunday, May 24 while electrical equipment is replaced in the One Waterfront Place Data Center. During this time, faculty, staff and students also will be unable to log into any system requiring WVU Login credentials and Duo two-factor authentication. Passwords cannot be changed, and Duo bypass codes cannot be generated at

Ordinarily, servers in the Data Center are powered by backup generator when equipment is upgraded. However, to replace nearly 20-year-old electrical distribution and emergency control equipment, the Data Center must be fully powered down. Information Technology Services recognizes there is never a good time to disrupt services and access, but this work must be completed to ensure the long-term stability and continuity of WVU operations. The dates were approved by the University’s senior leaders as those likely to disrupt the smallest number of faculty, staff and students.

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Office 365 login screen is changing on Tuesday, May 19

Starting Tuesday, May 19, the login screen will look different for Office 365 applications such as Outlook, Microsoft Word and Teams, regardless of whether you log in from a web browser, a desktop application or a mobile app. Enter your WVU Login username and password as you do now, then confirm with Duo two-factor authentication. You will be required to re-authenticate every so often, and after changing your password. After signing in to one O365 application, you’ll be signed in to all of them.

After this change is made, you will be required to log in a second time if accessing your Outlook inbox or calendar from To avoid this, ITS recommends you log in to Outlook directly at

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Mountaineer Card site and CS Gold services will be unavailable Monday, March 16 from 8:30 a.m. to noon

Mountaineer Card-related services, including the MyMountaineerCard website, will be unavailable 8:30 a.m. to noon on Monday, March 16 while we do important work on the underlying system. You cannot purchase or change meal plans, make Mountie Bounty deposits or check balances during this time. Door lock administrators also cannot make access changes during this window. 

Also during this time:

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Do not use social media options on new login screen if you’re a WVU student or employee

A login screen that appears for several WVU services will look different as of Sunday, March 8, but WVU students, faculty and staff should continue to log in using their official University role. Do not use the new options or you will get an error message. Those options are only for dues-paying WVU alumni and certain WVU affiliates.

If you’re a student or employee, choose the Employees/Students button and enter your WVU Login username and password. If you are employed by WVU Medicine, or you are paid by both WVU and WVU Medicine, click the WVU Medicine button instead.

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Students who can’t see grades under Report Card have another option

Some students may not be able to access their Spring 2020 courses in the Report Card module in eCampus. Until the vendor resolves this intermittent issue, students can access grades through the Global Navigation Menu via eCampus on the web ( or through the Blackboard Mobile app.

Instructors can also add the My Grades link to their course menus so students have direct access to their grades.

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Skype is being retired March 3; ITS recommends Microsoft Teams as alternative

Skype for Business will no longer be available to WVU employees as of Tuesday, March 3, and ITS is recommending the use of Microsoft Teams as a powerful replacement for collaboration and communication. This change affects all WVU campuses.

The deactivation of Skype at WVU is the first in a series of changes that will be required to accommodate several Microsoft initiatives between now and summer 2021. Future changes, which will not affect HSC, will be timed to minimize disruption during busy periods of the academic and fiscal year.

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Delete old files this Data Privacy Day, Jan. 28

In support of Data Privacy Day, Information Technology Services recommends all employees delete files they no longer need, especially those containing protected, personally identifiable information, on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Holding onto files that contain PII creates risk of identity theft. To minimize that risk, follow these tips:

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Expect to see new login screen more frequently over the coming months 

Whether  you are faculty, staff or a student, you can expect to more frequently see a screen that asks you to choose your affiliation before logging into a service or system. Most people will choose Employees/Students. However, if you are employed by WVU Medicine, or you are paid by both WVU and WVU Medicine, click the WVU Medicine button.  

This screen already appears when you log into WVU Libraries (EZ Proxy), the 25Live room reservation tool and the WVU+kc (Kuali) research administration tool. In the future, additional services will display this screen. This quick extra step in the login process facilitates access to resources between WVU and its affiliates.   

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