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Defend Your Data: Don’t Click and Tell on Social Media

ITS wants you to keep your online presence safe from the 3.48 billion people worldwide using social media. Connect with confidence and safely navigate social media by following these steps:

Update the privacy and security settings on every social media account. That includes disabling geotagging to prevent people from seeing your location and checking your app permissions to only download from trusted vendors.

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ITS Service desk hours will be reduced over Thanksgiving break

The ITS Service Desk will close at 5 p.m. on the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week and will remain closed Nov. 27-30. The Service Desk will resume normal hours on Sunday, Dec. 1.

You can still look up answers and check for outages at when the University and ITS are closed. You may also leave voicemail at 304-293-4444 or create tickets by emailing, but these won’t be addressed until we reopen.

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New process in place for WVU employees to request Adobe Creative Cloud software

Starting today (Oct. 7), all WVU employees who want access to an Adobe Creative Cloud product will need to request it on the ITS self-help site or contact the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444. This includes employees on the Beckley, Keyser and Health Sciences campuses.

The morning after your request has been approved, you can follow the Adobe Creative Cloud Installation Instructions to install the software you need on any two devices.

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Changes in how you access Adobe Creative Cloud software coming in October

WVU’s new one-year contract with Adobe ensures that Creative Cloud products are accessible to faculty and staff at no cost for the current academic year. However, licensing changes are required when all WVU-owned machines are updated with the 2019 version. After Oct. 14, you must request access, then log into a new Creative Cloud Desktop Application to install the product(s) you need. Adobe products will NOT be installed on WVU-owned machines by default.

No one is losing access. All 19 Creative Cloud products will be available through Aug. 13, 2020. The only change is in how you access those products. More details will be provided before Oct. 14, when IT staff remove all 2018 Adobe products from WVU-owned devices. With the new Creative Cloud Desktop App, you will be able to install the new software on any two devices you choose.

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Please pick “Personal Account” if prompted to choose a login option at

If you purchased a personal license for Adobe software, either on your own or through WVU, and you used a WVU email address, you may see a new option when you log into This screen will prompt you to choose an account. You must select the box that says Adobe ID - Personal Account. If you choose “Enterprise ID – Company or school account,” you see an error message or will be unable to access the products you need.

This option will appear for anyone who created their personal account using a WVU email with any of the following suffixes:,,,, or prevent confusion, ITS recommends you go into your Adobe profile and update your personal account with a personal email account.

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Let your computer do the work: Open and read PDFs without Adobe software

Modern browsers and tools on WVU computers let you create, view and save PDFs without Adobe software. Downloaded PDFs will open by default using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 machines and Preview on MacOS without Acrobat DC. To open a PDF with another browser, right-click the file, hover over ‘Open With’ and choose a different browser. You may have to adjust your browser settings to automatically open PDFs.

You can also create PDFs using Microsoft Office applications. If you’re publishing them online, be sure to create accessible PDFs using Microsoft Word, so people using screen readers and other assistive technologies can access them.

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ITS reminds employees to secure sensitive data

All employees who work with sensitive data must take the following precautions to defend it from theft or accidental disclosure. Sensitive data includes Social Security numbers, birthdates, passport or visa numbers, banking information and protected health information.

To ensure that this data remains secure, employees must:

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New Adobe contract will let employees install Creative Cloud products on multiple devices

WVU is renewing its contract with Adobe for one year, and Creative Cloud products will continue to be available in labs and classrooms, and on other WVU-owned machines for the coming academic year.

The transition to a new licensing structure will require some changes before Nov. 30. It also eliminates the need for employees to purchase personal licenses, which Information Technology Services will stop selling on Sunday, Aug. 11.

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