What We Do

Business Analysts are liaisons who work with stakeholders on various projects and initiatives to understand the structure, policies and operations of those organizations as they undertake change or implement new technology.

Business Analysts have the experience and software knowledge needed to recommend both technical and business-process solutions that can help ensure goals are realized when the change is completed.

The BA teams help University departments:

  • Define and gather the technical requirements
  • Research and define business processes
  • Validate, verify and test changes in current and new processes
  • Communicate with involved parties throughout the change-management process
  • Michael Piatt Michael Piatt, Admin & Finance Lead
  • Nick McGinnis Nick McGinnis
  • kathy Camp Kathy Camp
  • Chadwick Alt Chadwick Alt
  • Susan Walker Susan Walker
  • Peggy Blosser Peggy Blosser
  • Minakshi Das Minakshi Das
  • Joan Sites Joan Sites
  • David Phares David Phares
  • Sharon Lemley Sharon Lemley