OIT Workshop Schedule and Registration Form

Training workshops are offered by OIT throughout the year for WVU staff, faculty, and students; new schedules are posted a few weeks before the beginning of each term. Most of the workshops listed in our collection of handouts are available by special request to WVU groups, subject to training lab and trainer availability. Please do not hesitate to contact the OIT training team about your learning needs as a WVU employee, instructor, or student; we may be able to point you to alternative resources.

For more information about the sessions, click on the link of each workshop title to read its description or the workshop handouts. Please register before 4pm on the workday preceding the session; late registrants are not guaranteed confirmations, handouts, or login information.

Registration Information

  • To register for workshops: Complete and submit the form on the registration page or send an e-mail to workshop@mail.wvu.edu or call the OIT Service Desk at 304-293-4444.
  • Special Accommodations: If you require a disability-related accommodation to be able to participate in a workshop sponsored by the Office of Information Technology, please contact Kathy Fletcher, Manager of Training, at least one week prior to the event (304-293-8769 or workshop@mail.wvu.edu).
  • Waitlists: If a workshop is marked as "** FULL **", feel free to register for it. You will be added to the waitlist. Waitlisted individuals will be contacted in chronological order as others cancel their registrations.
  • Closed Registration: If a session is marked as "** CLOSED **", registrations are no longer being taken.

How to Complete the Workshop Registration Form

  • Go to the registration page, and check the box next to each workshop for which you want to register. You can select multiple workshops. Read longer descriptions of the workshops here. Register at least 1 day in advance for a session. If you register after 4pm the day before a morning workshop or after 11am on the same day as an afternoon workshop, you will not receive an email confirmation.
  • Choose only those sessions that meet your learning needs and fit your work and class schedules. Make sure you have met any pre-requisites by the time of the session. If you register for almost every workshop, you will be asked to confirm your selections in a follow-up email.
  • Sessions in the "Workshops for Faculty" and "eCampus Workshops" sections are restricted to WVU faculty members, instructors, graduate teaching assistants, and technical support staff.
  • Complete the contact information as requested at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the 4 letters and numbers as requested at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the Submit Form button after you have completed the form.
  • You will see a short confirmation of form submission on this same web page in a green box.
  • After you receive your confirmation email, please mark all of your selections in your own calendar.
  • If you encounter any problems completing this form, feel free to register via email to workshop@mail.wvu.edu.

Workshops listed on the registration page that do not have a date listed (you will see "TBA") will be scheduled soon, after lab reservations and trainer schedules have been confirmed.

If you encounter problems with this form, you can register for workshops via email to workshop@mail.wvu.edu.

Workshop confirmations are emailed as part of a manual process, not automatically; there will be a delay of up to 1 full working day before you will receive an email confirmation. All OIT training services are limited to current WVU employees and currently enrolled WVU students.

Additional Training Services Offered by OIT

Information for Attendees

  • Pre-register: Please register for all workshops and webinars by 4pm on the day before the session (Friday for Monday workshops). Walk-ins are discouraged but will be accommodated if a seat is available. Last minute registrations for webinars might result in not receiving login information in a timely fashion.
  • Be on time: Classes will begin promptly at the scheduled time; late arrivals to hands-on workshops are not guaranteed a seat.
  • Special Accommodations: If you require a disability-related accommodation to be able to participate in a workshop sponsored by the Office of Information Technology, please contact Kathy Fletcher, Manager of Training, at least one week prior to the event (304-293-8769 or workshop@mail.wvu.edu).
  • To cancel a workshop registration: Complete a cancellation form or send email to workshop@mail.wvu.edu or call 304-293-4444, preferably at least 1 working day prior to your scheduled workshop, to cancel your reservation.
  • Failure to Attend: If you fail to attend or cancel your registration for a required pre-requisite workshop in a series, you will be automatically removed from the remaining workshops in the series. Those who habitually fail to attend sessions will be denied registration.
  • Workshop locations: In the schedule form above, Evansdale Library Computing Center G-14 refers to the Training Lab inside the OIT computer lab on the ground floor of the Evansdale Library Computing Center; Hodges Hall is on the downtown campus, near the Beechurst PRT station. 5104 One Waterfront Place is the training lab on the 5th floor at One Waterfront Place in the Wharf District, south of the downtown campus. Online workshops will be conducted in either WVU eCampus or in Blackboard Collaborate. WVU eCampus is one of the University's official course management systems (Blackboard Learn 9.1). Blackboard Collaborate is a web conference tool where participants can login from home or office using a certified web browser. More details on workshop locations and parking alternatives
  • Prerequisites: Although some courses precede all other courses in a subject area, you are not absolutely required to have taken that course to take a higher level course. In other words, you may already have mastered the prerequisite skills by some other means. However it is critical that you have mastered these prerequisite skills before attending a course. If you attend a course and are not prepared, the instructor might not be able to successfully cover all of the workshop objectives for the other students or you will be unable to keep up with the session. Please read the prerequisites and the workshop descriptions carefully as you consider registering for a workshop.