We empower WVU faculty and staff to succeed by providing customer-focused, performance-driven training.

Who We Are

We have the experience and skills necessary to provide WVU faculty and staff with innovative, collaborative and functional training on ITS applications and software that support and enhance teaching, research, administration and outreach. We also provide cybersecurity awareness training.

What We Do

Training is available in a variety of formats, including informational seminars, webinars, online video tutorials, vendor- and ITS-produced documents, and hands-on workshops. Participants can explore technologies that support teaching and learning, and that are provided by ITS.

Training Schedule

Our Team  

  • Dawn Hernadez
    Dawn Hernandez
  • Cathy Pepple
    Kathy Pepple
  • Shana Blackshire
    Shana Blackshire
  • Cherise Burton
    Cherise Burton

Strategic Goals

  • Provide training that supports the cost-effective investment and implementation of services by enhancing individual productivity.
  • Create a clear strategy around established pedagogical research and leverage available resources to optimize learning.
  • Engage customers by soliciting, analyzing and implementing feedback to improve training.
  • Establish objectives that align with ITS and WVU's strategic goals.
  • Facilitate professional development within our unit to develop expertise in our respective skills.
  • Foster a supportive social environment through open communication, shared ideas, and care for one another.
  • Seek out opportunities to partner with organizations that could contribute to the unit, the division and the University’s growth.

Core Values

Customer-centered Service
We work closely with WVU faculty and staff to clearly define their training needs.
We deliver quality training that directly meets the needs of WVU faculty and staff.
We protect the integrity and privacy of sensitive institutional information as well as personally identifiable information.
We encourage honest feedback and review recommendations to improve services.
Personal Growth
We cultivate professional development within our unit to better serve our customers.
Supportive Relationships
We establish respectful relationships with one another that build trust, inspire creativity, and promote collaboration.