MyMountaineerCard FAQ

What is  MyMountaineerCard?

MyMountaineerCard is an online, one-stop shop for the needs of Mountaineer Card users. You can make an electronic Mountie Bounty deposit, manage laundry in residence halls, view the transaction history for all financial plans, and instantly deactivate a lost card. You can also set up notification preferences to be alerted after certain events have taken place, such as a withdrawal exceeding a specified amount.

How do I access  MyMountaineerCard?

MyMountaineerCard can be accessed at Just enter your Login username and password. If you aren’t sure what your Login credentials are, visit

I’m logged in. How do I make a deposit for Mountie Bounty?

Click the ‘Deposit to Account’ link in the left navigation menu, then enter all the appropriate information.

How do I know how much I need to deposit?

This amount varies from person to person, and depends on the services involved and how frequently you plan to use them. The minimum deposit amount is $10, and we recommend starting small initially. You can add funds at any time. Some common uses and amounts are:

Laundry – $1.50 per load

MyPrinting – $0.06 per page (black and white), $.25 per page (color)

Photocopying – $0.07 per page

Soda Vending – $1.50 per 20 oz. beverage

A full list of everywhere Mountie Bounty is accepted on campus can be found at Where to use your Mountaineer Card

Are credit cards the only acceptable way to make a deposit?

Credit cards and debit/check cards that can be used as credit cards are also accepted.  NOTE: We currently accept only credit/check cards for the fifty United States. International credit cards, including cards issued to customers in the U.S. territories, are not currently accepted online.

Is there a fee to make an electronic Mountie Bounty deposit?


Why is my electronic deposit being denied or generating an error?

While there may be several reasons why a deposit transaction may be denied, the most common is incorrect address information or an incorrect CVV (security code). Please note, the address that is verified is the address associated with the credit/check card. Some customers make the mistake of using a local address instead of a home/permanent address, for instance. Also, be sure the CVV code is entered correctly. This is normally a three-digit number on the back of the card. Some check cards are also not accepted if a PIN number is required to complete a transaction. Only check/debit cards that can be used as credit cards are valid when making a Mountie Bounty deposit online. 

I’m a parent. How do I access  MyMountaineerCard?

Unfortunately, only users with a Login username and password are permitted to access  MyMountaineerCard and all its features. This includes students, faculty, staff, and Mountaineer Temps. Students must NOT share their Login credentials; doing so is a violation of University policies.

If parents don’t have access to  MyMountaineerCard, how do they deposit Mountie Bounty online?

Someone can deposit Mountie Bounty on your behalf. On the  MyMountaineerCard login page, click the Guest Deposit link in the upper left corner. Enter the Login username (in all lowercase) of the person intended to receive the  deposit and confirm. From there, enter all appropriate information. Learn how to make deposits as a student or employee, or as a  parent or guest.

What should I do if I lose my Mountaineer Card?

You can instantly deactivate you Mountaineer Card if it is lost or stolen. Immediately visit  MyMountaineerCard to do this. If you don't, others could potentially use your card. You are responsible for your card and any activity that occurs on it.

What if I lose my Mountaineer Card, but then find it again a few days later? Can I reactivate my card?

Once you have deactivated your lost card, stop by our office to have a new one printed. However, if you find your lost before having a new one issued, you can use the Report Found Card feature to reactivate your card.  NOTE: Only the most recent lost card can be reactivated. Any previous cards that may have been lost can never be reactivated again, even if found at a later date.

I’m having trouble keeping track of meals each week and my Mountie Bounty balance, what should I do?

You can view your transaction history. The  MyMountaineerCard home page will show financial plans and current plan balances, including Meal plans, Mountie Bounty and Dining Dollars. Click the Spending History link in the left navigation menu to view transaction details for all debit plans. The date range feature also lets you specify the dates of their search.

In Laundry Room Status, I’m clicking on the residence hall and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Any advice?

Unfortunately, with so many residence halls on campus (some with many floors), once you click a residence hall, you have to scroll to the bottom to view the washers and dryers for that area. To simplify your search, click the check box for your favorite residence hall locations and click My Favorites. Only your favorite locations will then be displayed, which will remain the default setting anytime you visit  MyMountaineerCard. You can add or remove favorites at your discretion at any time, or click All Rooms to view all the available laundry locations.

I’m trying to set up a text notification but I keep getting an error. What should I do?

Even though the setup screen prompts you for a phone number and displays ‘hyphens’ in the example, the notification preference may not register if hyphens are used. Please verify that the phone number you entered does not have hyphens and then try again. 

Also, you need to send a confirmation code to the number you provided and confirm this code. Click the Send Confirmation Code button, then enter the code in the white box and click Confirm. If successful, the Status will change from  UNCONFIRMED to  CONFIRMED. Finally, click the terms and conditions checkbox and the ‘Save’ button to register your phone number. Step-by-step instructions for setting up a notification preference can be found at MyMountaineerCard. If you are still having problems, please email

What happens to a load of laundry I have in progress if my building or floor experiences a power outage?

The time remaining on any load in progress should remain in the memory of the machine. However, laundry machines do not restart automatically, so when the power is restored to your building/floor and the laundry machine, you will need to select the laundry cycle again and reactivate the machine.  NOTE: While the timer will wait for user interaction for washers, the time will automatically begin counting down for dryers as soon as the machine is powered again. To maximize the drying time on your load, you will need to choose a cycle and reactivate the machine as soon as power is restored.

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