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MyMountaineerCard Online

MyMountaineerCard is an online, one-stop shop for users’ Mountaineer Card needs. All Mountaineer Card users have the ability to use the following features from our online system:

Add/change meal plans

NOTE: In order to use MyMountaineerCard Online, you must have Login credentials, which are normally issued to students, faculty, staff, and Mountaineer Temps. While parents and guests are able to make a Mountie Bounty deposit on a user’s behalf, they do not have the ability to view other features that can be accessed by a user.

Add/change Meal Plans

Meal plans can now be purchased online. Please visit and select Add Meal Plan or Change Meal Plan. 

For questions about meal plan options, please visit Dining Services at

Deposit Mountie Bounty Electronically

Using MyMountaineerCard to make a Mountie Bounty deposit is convenient, fast, and most importantly, it’s secure—making an online deposit eliminates the need to provide sensitive account information over the phone or through U.S. mail. Using MyMountaineerCard also means that users no longer have to physically visit a machine or office on campus to deposit cash to their Mountaineer Card—now, users can make a deposit wherever an internet connection is available by using their credit card or debit card—and as an added bonus, there is no cost to the user or guest to use this service!

To make an online deposit:

  • Students/Employees:

    1. Sign into  MyMountaineerCard Online using your Login credentials.
    2. In the left navigation menu, select Add Mountie Bounty.
    3. On the next page click the + Add Mountie Bounty button.
    4. Type the deposit amount in the Deposit Amount text field.
    5. If this is your first visit you must enter a new credit card to use for adding funds to Mountie Bounty. You can save this information so you can access it again on future deposits.
    6. Click Continue when finished entering card information.
    7. Under the fine print on the next page click Add Mountie Bounty button.
    8. For recordkeeping, the next page shows you an overview of your activity. You will receive a notification of this transaction either through the text or email settings you chose during setup.
  • Parents/Guests:

    1. Go here to add funds to your student's Mountie Bounty.
    2. You must know your student's Login username to deposit funds to their account.
    3. Make sure the student you entered is the correct person.
    4. Make sure Mountie Bounty is selected under the Please Select button.
    5. Fill out the form below and make sure to enter an email address so you can get a receipt.
    6. Click Continue when finished entering card information.
    7. Under the fine print on the next page click Add Mountie Bounty button.
    8. Once your deposit is complete, you will receive an email confirmation to the address you provided. Funds will be immediately available for use at the conclusion of the transaction.

  • Invite Guests to Deposit Mountie Bounty Electronically

    1. As a student, you can ask for Mountie Bounty from a Guest. 
    2. From, click on Add Mountie Bounty on the left.
    3. Then fill out the information on the bottom right of the screen titled Ask for Mountie Bounty and click Submit.

    Track Your Spending History

    Have you ever wondered how many meals you had left in a given week? Have you ever tried to use your meal plan and discovered you were out of meals, or discovered later that you lost meals that you could have used?

    This feature puts the user in control of managing not only their meal plan but also the spending of their Mountie Bounty and other financial plans.

    When accessing this feature on MyMountaineerCard, simply select the date range of the transactions you want to view, then select the financial plan you want to see. You also have the option of viewing all your plans at once for the given date range.

    Report Your Card as Lost/Stolen or Found

    This feature will allow you to instantly deactivate your Mountaineer Card if it has been lost or stolen, preventing other people from using the card if they find it. Once you have deactivated your card, please notify Mountaineer Card Services and come into one of our offices to get a new card produced. Once a new card has been issued, the lost/stolen card cannot be reactivated and will no longer work, even if found at a later date—this includes any other cards that you may have lost previously.

    If you have deactivated your most recent lost card, but then find the card again before notifying Mountaineer Card Services and having a new card produced, you can reactivate the card using this same feature and can continue using the card.

    NOTE: Once you have marked your card as Lost and then have a new card printed, you must log in to report the card as Found in order for your new card to begin working.

    Manage Your Laundry in Residence Hall Laundry Facilities

    MyMountaineerCard is here to help you manage your laundry. The Laundry feature will allow you to:

    1. Check machine availability – You can view which washers/dryers are available by scrolling down through the list of residence halls, or by searching for a particular residence hall
    2. Find and reserve machines – Once you locate a machine you want to use, you can reserve that machine for a period of five minutes—each user is limited to reserving a maximum of three machines at once
    3. Select your favorite laundry locations – If you have a particular location that you do your laundry at the most, you can set that location as a ‘Favorite’—by default, only your favorite locations will then be displayed the next time you visit  MyMountaineerCard
    4. Check your hold/wait times for machines—Once you’ve reserved a machine, you can check how long the machine is being held—you can also see the time remaining on a machine already in use if you want to place a hold on it or use it
    5. Set your laundry notification preferences – Users have the ability to set up an e-mail address and/or a phone number for e-mail or text notifications—users will be alerted on certain occasions such as when their laundry is complete and when their laundry is almost complete—users can also notify the last user of a machine if that person’s laundry hasn’t been picked up in a timely fashion

    Once you’ve logged into MyMountaineerCard, just click the Laundry link in the left navigation menu to get started.

    NOTE: WVU no longer accepts Coins in its residence hall laundry facilities. Users must now deposit funds to Mountie Bounty to use the facilities.

    Manage Your Notification Preferences

    Users have the ability to set up an e-mail address and/or a phone number for e-mail or text notifications. In addition to being notified about laundry, users can also set up their preferences for Mountie Bounty or Dining Dollars. Users taking advantage of this feature can be notified when:

    • The balance of their plan drops below a specified amount
    • A withdrawal exceeding a specified amount has been made from their account
    • A deposit exceeding a specified amount has been made to their account

    To add a new preference, follow these steps within MyMountaineerCard:

    1. After selecting the ‘Notification Preferences’ option in the left navigation menu, click the ‘Add’ button to add a new notification
    2. If selecting the e-mail method:
      • Enter the e-mail address
      • Provide a description (optional)
      • Click the ‘Save’ button
    3. If selecting the text method:
      • Enter the 10-digit phone number WITHOUT hyphens
      • Select the wireless service provider
      • Provide a description (optional)
      • Click the ‘Send Confirmation Code’ button
      • Once the confirmation code is received on your PC/MAC or wireless device, enter the code in the white box and click the ‘Confirm’ button
      • If successful, the Status will change from  UNCONFIRMED to  CONFIRMED
      • Finally, click the terms and conditions checkbox and the ‘Save’ button to complete the setup of your preference

    More questions? Please e-mail the ITS Service Desk at

    Submit ID Photo

    WVU Online & Extended Campus (Academic Innovation) students who wish to obtain an official WVU Mountaineer Card can now submit a photo electronically and have their card mailed to them.  NOTE: This service is available for out-of-area students only who are taking online/distance education classes—students that live in the Morgantown area are required to come by one of our Card Office locations to have their card made and picked up in-person.

    Follow the steps in this article to submit your ID photo for review.