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Mountie Bounty

Mountie Bounty

This convenient debit plan allows you to place dollar amounts on your Mountaineer Card for later use. This service offers security for the card-bearer and the ability to add value to the card at any time at WVU or from home. There are no setup fees, and no minimum balances are required. When the card is swiped through a reader, like those used for credit cards, the account number on the card’s magnetic stripe is read and the purchase amount is deducted from the balance in your pre-paid account. This service lets you use your funds only for the purposes you choose. Balances are carried forward each year, but be sure to read our debit regulations.

Deposit Mountie Bounty Online

Need to do your laundry right this second? Thirsty for a late-night beverage from the vending machine? Is an assignment due within the hour and you need to quickly print it out from one of the libraries or computer labs on campus? MyMountaineerCard makes it easy to deposit funds for Mountie Bounty and gives you immediate access to your money. Simply use one of the four major credit cards to make your deposit anywhere there is an available internet connection, day or night—including from your smart phone!

Student/Employee Add Mountie Bounty

Parent/Guest Add Mountie Bounty