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Mountaineer Card FAQ


Your First Mountaineer Card

You may get your card at Brooke Tower IT Service Center or Mountainlair IT Service Center. You need to be registered for classes, and you must present a driver’s license or some other valid form of photo identification.

For those students attending New Student Orientation, photos are taken and the cards are distributed later that same day.


What does the Mountaineer Card do?

It combines the functions of the PRT card, ID card, food service card and library cards. This card will be used to determine your access to activities and services such as WVUp All Night, computer labs and the University Health Service. It also allows you access to athletic events and facilities, Student Recreation Center, games areas and the residence halls. You will need your Mountaineer Card for testing and to check books and materials out of the WVU Libraries. The Mountaineer Card offers an online debit plan called Mountie Bounty. This card is valid as long as you are a registered student at WVU.

When can I pick up my Mountaineer Card?

You may pick up your card at the location where you had your photo taken. The Brooke Tower  IT Service Center is open 8:30am – 4:30pm weekdays. The Mountainlair IT Service Center is open weekdays between 9:00 a.m. — 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. — 4 p.m..

What do I need to pick up my Mountaineer Card?

You will need to be registered for classes, and present a driver’s license or some other photo identification.

When will the Mountaineer Card be activated?

Your card will be activated on the first day of classes or, if you register late, as soon as the information transferred to Mountaineer Card Services from the Office of the University Registrar indicates you have been assessed tuition and university fees. This process occurs regularly. A note for summers: your card is active only when you are enrolled in classes for the current term.

May I loan my card?

No. The cards are non-transferable and violators may be subject to disciplinary action. Your card should be carried with you at all times. Remember too that you may have placed funds on your card, which other users would also have access to if they are in possession of your card.

Is there anything special I should know about the Mountaineer Card?

For your card to work properly, it must not be broken, scratched, bent, have stickers on it, or have holes punched in it. If the card is broken or damaged, it may not be accepted by some units.

What is the Mountie Bounty debit plan?

Mountie Bounty is a great way to secure your food allowances and use other services. This convenient debit plan allow you to place funds in an account that you access with your Mountaineer Card. There are no set-up charges or transaction fees and no minimum balances are required.

How does it work?

When the card is swiped through the reader, the account number on the card’s magnetic stripe is read and the purchase amount is deducted from the balance in your prepaid account. With the Mountie Bounty account on your Mountaineer Card, you may enjoy the food from the WVU Dining Halls, and from many other dining facilities on campus, as well. Mountie Bounty can be used at the WVU Bookstores, WVU Copy Centers, the Mountainlair, WVU Technology Support Centers for repairs and parts, WVUPharmacy, and the WVU Parking Office for fines, as well as select vending machines on campus. Mountie Bounty is required to print jobs at the computer labs and can be used to make copies at the WVU Libraries. Mountie Bounty is also required to activate washers and dryers in the WVU owned residence halls.

How do I add funds to the debit plans?

You may add funds electronically at by credit card. You may also make a cash/check deposit at the Brooke Tower IT Service Center and the Mountainlair Cashier's office.

Can the Mountaineer Card be used for the PRT?

Yes. If you paid the appropriate university fees you may use your card to ride the PRT.

Can my card be used for other local transportation?

Yes. West Virginia University has made arrangements with Mountain Line Transit Authority so that anyone with a valid WVU I.D. can ride the Mountain Line buses for free. This service is not limited to the WVU campus, but anywhere the buses provide regular service in our local community.

Can I get a new picture?

Yes, but you must pay the $30 card replacement fee and turn in your old card. 

What if I withdraw from WVU or sit out a semester or two?

The Mountaineer Card will be activated when you return to classes. If you lose the card, you will need to pay the $25 card replacement fee.

What if my card does not work?

You may go to the Brooke Tower ITS Service Center or Mountainlair ITS Service Center for assistance.

What if I lose or damage my card?

If your card is lost or stolen, you should go to and report it as lost or stolen. There is a $25.00 replacement charge for lost/stolen cards. If your card is damaged or broken, take your card to either the Brooke Tower IT Service Center or the Mountainlair IT Service Center for a replacement. The replacement fee for damaged or broken cards is $15.00. These charges are placed on your student billing account and should be paid online through the STAR Information System or at a cashier’s office on campus as soon as the charge is placed on your account.

Faculty/Staff FAQ

Am I required to wear my Mountaineer Card?

The head of your department, working in conjunction with his/her vice president, determines whether or not cards are worn.

What happens if I leave WVU? 

You need to turn your Mountaineer Card into Human Resources, one of the ITS Service Centers, or your supervisor by no later than your last day of work.

How does my faculty card differ from the student card?

Faculty and staff cards are printed on a different background and show your department instead of a student designation. Both cards have a magnetic stripe and are encoded with personal identification as well as a lost card code that allows the us to void lost or stolen cards.

What if I am also a student?

You only need one Mountaineer Card for identification. Our databases allow us to assign privileges to those employees who are also students. We ask staff who now have a student card to trade it in for their Faculty and Staff Mountaineer Card.

How do I know which card I should receive?

If you are a full time employee and a student, you should have the Mountaineer Card for faculty and staff. If you are a part-time employee and a student, you may carry the student card, however your department may require you carry the employee card for identification.