Mountie Bounty Upgrade Advisory

We have replaced the tool used to make Mountie Bounty deposits. Parents and others must visit this page to make guest deposits. Simply choose the “Parent/Guest Add Mountie Bounty” button above. You'll need to know the student's Login username. Students should NOT share their passwords with parents, friends or anyone else. 

Students may continue to invite parents or others to make deposits on their behalf using the “Ask for Mountie Bounty” button in the new system. Each request will generate a one-time-use link. A few key changes:

  • Users may add any amount of money between $10 and $500, rather than just pre-determined increments.
  • The system now lets you save your credit card number for future use. However, the 3-digit security code will be required for each deposit 
Please direct questions or concerns to

More than a photo ID: It's your key to campus!

The official photo identification card of the University is known as the Mountaineer Card. Issued to students, faculty, staff and others, it provides access to WVU services, buildings and events. It also works as a debit card, so guard it as you would any bank-issued ATM card. You can add funds to your account and manage your Mountaineer Card online at