Clickers are audience-response tools that provide instructors with instant feedback from students. Faculty pose questions to students in class, then students respond with their clicker remote or mobile device. Responses are recorded and can be viewed in class at the faculty’s discretion. Faculty are able to select correct answers and integrate with eCampus.

The campus standard for clickers at WVU are through the iClicker vendor. Having a campus standard keeps costs for students lower and allows the device or subscription to be used in more than one course and/or semester and available through the bookstore. 

There are two ways clickers can be used; iClicker Cloud and Classic. Review the Student Response System Comparison Chart when choosing which one to use in your classroom. 


iClicker Classic


Each classroom on campus has been assigned a classroom frequency to use. Select the links below to retrieve the frequency for your classroom.


iClicker Classic

The following files are the latest WVU supported version of iClicker Classic software. These files can be used with and without integration with eCampus.

iClicker Cloud