Filelocker provides a variety of functions ranging from the simple sharing of a file with an individual to more sophisticated options for advanced users. The links contained on this page show how to access the system and use its various functions.Should you have any questions or need assistance, please visit our FAQ page, or contact the ITS Service Desk: or 304-293-4444.
The Basics
  • Logging in shows how WVU users access the system.
  • Uploading places your files onto the system so that you can share them.
  • Sharing grants others access to your uploaded files.
  • Request Upload invites anyone at any e-mail address to upload a file to your account.
  • Receiving shows how to download files that have been shared or uploaded.
Advanced Functions
  • Groups are used to conveniently share files periodically with the same people.
  • Multiple files can be easily uploaded and shared by placing them in zip files.