SEI Surveys


Overall Course Ratings

Q1: The overall quality of this course was:

Q2: The instructor’s overall teaching effectiveness was:

Q3: Overall, my learning in this course was:

Instructor Selected (relevant to type of course)

Q4: Optional Item 1

Q5: Optional Item 2

Q6: Optional Item 3

Instructor Write-In (learning outcomes)

Q7: Optional Item 1

Q8: Optional Item 2

Q9: Optional Item 3

College/Department (only if required by the unit)

Q10: Item 1

Q11: Item 2

Q12: Item 3

Instructor Organization and Clarity

Q13: Set out and met clear objectives for the course

Q14: Explained concepts and materials clearly and at an appropriate pace

Q15: Presented course topics in a coherent fashion

Q16: Returned assignments in a timely manner

Instructor Ability to Engage Students Intellectually

Q17: Emphasized conceptual understanding and critical thinking

Q18: Related course topics to one another

Instructor Interaction with Students

Q19: Demonstrated concern about whether students were learning.

Q20: Inspired and motivated student interest in the course content.

Q21: Was available outside of class.

Course Content and Course Evaluation

Q22: The course content was worth learning.

Q23: The assignments solidified my understanding.

Q24: Evaluation of the students was explained clearly.

Q25: Grading procedures were fair.

Q26: The textbook and/or supplemental materials were helpful.

Student Engagement 

Q27: I took this course because:

Q28: What grade do you anticipate receiving in this course?

Q29: How many hours a week did you spend on out-of-class activities, such as studying, homework, etc.?

Q30: What percentage of the time spent on out of-class-activities do you consider to be valuable to the course?

Comments on Instructor

Q31: Comments on the instruction:


Q32: Comments on the course: