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HPC Summer Institute 2015

June 15-19, 2015 at WVU


We aim to provide valuable knowledge of high-performance-computing (HPC) techniques to researchers of higher education throughout West Virginia. Our primary focus is to further the scientific capability of the state as a whole. We hope to accomplish this by providing access to computing resources and expertise to jump-start research efforts throughout the state.

Who May Attend

All faculty and associated students and research staff located in West Virginia that are interested in furthering their knowledge of computational research are welcome to attend. This includes WVU faculty, post-docs, and graduate student; as well as faculty and associated students from primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs). Limited funding may be available for traveling participants.

Training Format

The training is an extension of the XSEDE HPC Workshop: Summer Bootcamp being conducted on-site at WVU. Registration is through the XSEDE training portal. The SRF HPC department is supplementing this workshop with pre-requisite training including linux introduction, using the SRF HPC clusters, and an Introduction to C. A tentative schedule with topics are listed below. Topics beginning with SRF HPC are led by Shared Research Facilities High Performance Computing team members. Topics beginning with XSEDE are topics led through the XSEDE training webcast. All times are EST.

Monday June 15
9:00 SRF HPC: Intro to Linux
10:00 SRF HPC: Using the Shell
10:45 SRF HPC: Morning Break
11:00 SRF HPC: Filters: grep, sed, awk
12:00 SRF HPC: Shell Scripting
1:30 Lunch Break
2:30 SRF HPC: Moab/Torque Job Scheduler
3:30 SRF HPC: Intro to C
5:00 Adjourn

Tuesday June 16
9:00 SRF HPC: C pointers
10:00 SRF HPC: Intro to High Performance Computing
10:45 Morning Break
11:00 XSEDE: Welcome
11:15 XSEDE: Computing Environment
11:45 XSEDE: Intro to Parallel Computing
12:30 XSEDE: Intro to OpenMP
1:30 Lunch Break
2:30 XSEDE: Exercise 1
3:15 XSEDE: More OpenMP
4:30 XSEDE: Exercise 2
5:00 Adjourn

Wednesday June 17
9:00 SRF HPC: Using OpenMP with Moab/Torque
10:00 SRF HPC: Review of thread-level parallelism
10:45 Morning Break
11:00 XSEDE: Intro to OpenACC
12:00 XSEDE: Exercise 1
12:30 XSEDE: Introduction to OpenACC (cont.)
1:00 Lunch Break
2:00 XSEDE: Exercise 2
2:45 XSEDE: Introduction to OpenACC (cont.)
3:00 XSEDE: Using OpenACC with CUDA Libraries
3:30 XSEDE: Advanced OpenACC
4:00 XSEDE: OpenMP 4.0 Sneek Peek
5:00 Adjourn

Thursday June 18
9:00 SRF HPC: Using GPUs with Moab/Torque
10:00 SRF HPC: Review of GPUs
10:45 SRF HPC: Morning Break
11:00 XSEDE: Introduction to MPI
1:00 Lunch Break
2:00 XSEDE: Intro Exercises
3:10 XSEDE: Intro Exercises review
3:15 XSEDE: Scalable Programming: Laplace Code
3:45 XSEDE: Laplace Exercise
5:00 Adjourn

Friday June 19
9:00 SRF HPC: Using MPI with Moab/Torque
10:00 SRF HPC: Review of message-passing parallelism
10:45 SRF HPC: Morning Break
11:00 XSEDE: Laplace Exercise Review
12:30 XSEDE: Laplace Solution
1:00 Lunch Break
2:00 XSEDE: Advanced MPI
3:00 XSEDE: Outro to Parallel Computing
4:00 XSEDE: Hybrid Computing
4:30 XSEDE: Hybrid Competition
5:00 Adjourn

Additional training opportunities exist through XSEDE and the National Computational Science Institute, please contact Don McLaughlin ( or 304-293-0388), WVU XSEDE Campus Champion for additional information.