Research Computing offers multiple storage options, ranging from storage directly attached to our High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters to providing access to long-term data storage through our partnership with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

Users also may want to learn about Research Exchange (REX), our Science DMZ (demilitarized zone) for information on how to quickly transfer data.

Research Computing and ITS are collaborating to provide even more storage options in the near future. For more information on any storage option, please contact Help Desk.

HPC Storage

HPC offers researchers access to two tiers of storage through our Data Direct Network GRIDScaler system. Our standard tier of storage is available free to all users, but users also have the option to purchase dedicated group storage on the system.

The GRIDScaler system provides access to high-speed parallel GPFS storage and currently provides over 7 GB of throughput and 1 PB of raw storage.

For technical information, visit Disk Storage.

Standard Tier HPC Storage

All users of HPC systems have access to more than 400 TB of high-speed scratch storage. Scratch storage is for temporary storage of files and gives researchers a place to process large amounts of data. In addition, each user is provided 10 GB of home directory space and 10 GB of group storage space upon request.

Dedicated Tier HPC Storage

Some researchers prefer to have dedicated group storage on the HPC cluster to store large amounts of data for processing without the fear of it being removed. These researchers can purchase dedicated storage for their group at $189/TB per year. This also offers an easy way to share data between researchers in the same group. Contact Help Desk for more information.

Archival & Project Storage

Researchers who want large amounts of data over a long period of time can use the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center's Data Supercell through a partnership between WVU and the PSC.

Through our Internet2 connection, we have a direct 10 Gb connection to the SuperCell, which allows for fast transfers. In addition, the SuperCell uses Globus Online, which makes transfers easy.

Storage on the SuperCell costs $250/TB per year. For more information on the PSC's Data SuperCell, contact Help Desk.