Security Camera Installation and Usage Standard


The purpose of this Standard is to regulate the use of security cameras in order to:
  1. Achieve a safe and secure campus environment and protect University property.
  2. Support the mission and charge of the University Police Department.
  3. Provide transparency in the use of security camera technology.
  4. Ensure the protection of individual privacy rights in accordance with applicable laws and the University’s core values.
Formal procedures for the installation of security camera systems and the handling,viewing,retention,dissemination, and destruction of security camera recordings will be developed by the WVU Police Department according to this Standard. This Standard applies to all faculty,staff, students, and third parties who store, use, transfer,transport, produce,or dispose of technology and data resources owned or managed by West Virginia University.

Effective Date January 16, 2013 


1.1.       Security Camera Equipment and Technology
  1. All security cameras must be integrated into the University Police Department’s video management system.
  2. A University-wide configuration standard will be developed and disseminated and will govern all future installations.
  3. Existing security equipment may be utilized only until the manufacturers’-announced end of service or end of life cycle or replacement.
  4. Audio recording is not permitted unless consent has been given by one party to the conversation or otherwise in accordance with applicable laws.
1.2.       Security Camera Placement and Signage
  1. Security cameras may not be placed in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. This includes any area in which a person may be totally or partially nude or areas that exist specifically for the health or comfort of employees, including, but not limited to: places designated for the safeguarding of employee possessions, restrooms, shower rooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, and employee lounges.
  2. All buildings and grounds on the WVU campus are subject to security camera coverage, either in fixed or temporary mounts, in accordance with § 2.2.i of this Standard and all other applicable laws.
  3. The University Police will be consulted prior to the installation of any security camera and/or monitoring device, and will determine if installation of same is warranted and/or meets appropriate laws and University standards and policies.
  4. Security cameras will be mounted and signage posted according to applicable laws.
1.3.       Security Camera Recordings
  1. Digital and/or analog recordings will be stored for review for a minimum of seven (7) days or for such a period as may be governed by applicable laws, or in accordance with evidentiary requirements.
Security camera recordings will be protected from unauthorized access in accordance with applicable laws and University policies and/or standards.
Violation or non-compliance with this Standard may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination, as well as criminal prosecution for violation of local, state, and federal law, and possible civil liability. 


Exceptions to IT Standards will be considered using the IT Standard Exception Procedure. 


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Alex Jalso Information Security
Ricky Jackson University Police